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My Story

Joseph started playing the piano decades ago at the age of five, and by the age of seven was performing before large audiences on the West Coast. He began writing and arranging music at a very young age, becoming a prolific song writer and arranger as an adolescent into adulthood.


As time went on, Joseph became a multi-instrumentalist, singer, song-writer, arranger and experienced performer. He studied piano under the tutelage of master pianist Don Francisco, classical piano under Sandra Taylor (who studied piano under one of Arthur Rubinstein's protegees at the San Francisco Opera), studied jazz piano under Tom Coster (who performed, toured and/or co-wrote with Billy Cobham, Gabor Szabo, Larry Coryell, Joe Satriani, Victor Wooten and Carlos Santana - and many others). He also participated in freelance study at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and studied music education at SFCC. Joseph is a member of the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts (, and a member of the Jazz Education Network ( In addition to decades of piano and voice training, he plays finger style guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, hammer dulcimer, slide, as well as other instruments.


Joseph has written, recorded, and performed original music that has been featured both nationally and internationally as both a solo artist and as part of an ensemble. He has performed before small audiences, as well as in front of tens of thousands at larger venues.


If you are looking for either music education or an opportunity to collaborate. Let's connect!


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