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Grand Piano


Free Introductory Lesson

Our first lesson together is free of charge. We will use that time to assess where you or your child are at musically, answer questions, as well as discuss goals and lesson plans. This will also be an opportunity to get to know my wife and I, and tour our professional home studio. Based on this initial meeting, we will set-up a customized lesson schedule and curriculum.


Sessions are approximately 30 minutes each. We also offer 45 minute and full hour sessions for more advanced students. Longer sessions are better for the more advanced students who want to progress to the next level musically. Lessons are scheduled weekly, and billed monthly, at the beginning of each month. 


In-Person & Virtual Lessons

I have extensive experience teaching both virtually (via Zoom) and live (in-person) lessons. Please inform us of your preferences during our introductory lesson. Virtual lessons are also optional if a student is sick or traveling, but would like to continue with their scheduled session remotely. The only requirement is access to reliable internet with sufficient band width and an electronic device that will function adequately to accommodate virtual lessons (i.e. camera, and a good mic). 


Book of Chords
Boys in Guitar Class


“Best teacher ever (voice, multi instrumentalist, song writer and arranger student - professional - songs featured nationally and internationally, recently accepted to the Burklee School of Music)” Grace

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